AI Improvement

I was thinking on how I can improve the "best AI of all time". So, I came up with an idea which works something like the normal Idle system, it's not that complicated. So now, enemies will move around the place once they get alereted, they won't go charging at you. Still, everyone has wall hacks, so, that's the biggest problem. But now, there is a chance that the enemy will go through the walls, I still don't know the best way to fix this issue, since collision isn't my best part, I mean, I could just use the in-built physics system, but it would make some other stuff harder to code, like the bullets itself. Hope you enjoy this little update a little, more, also, I realised that the game starts on the second level, instead of the first, so, when you finish the first level, you will go straight onto the menu, and then the first level. Kind of weird.


Static Harm 0.2.exe 2 MB
Mar 09, 2018

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